The best part about Trump was he pissed off all the worst people in the world. The difference between him and Obama was so marginal, I honestly don't get all the hysterics. The main complaint seemed to be "he does all the evil shit we do, but loudly and obviously so all the little people who used to be at brunch notice."

The worst part about Biden is the press will revert to their Obama level kid glove treatment.

"Biden wanted to cancel student debt, but that wouldn't be fair to the rich people that already paid off their loans from back when college was practically free."

"Biden wanted to stop our endless wars but the CIA and Al Qaeda made it look like Assad gassed his people again so we need to take him out."

"Biden wanted to save millions of poor people from going homeless and starving to death but mean old McConnel refused to pass our bill because we wouldn't take out SALT cap repeal."

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Absolutely I would.

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