Hi Ross- I’m with the Dem party in Rockland. I can tell you we didn’t send anyone to the Westchester rally yesterday because we’re all on the ground working-none of our candidates went; they were at events all around our county. We do not see a similar ground effort by the GOP. These rallies just take away from our GOTV efforts. That’s why we don’t send people to them-

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I don’t think we have to worry about people being obsessed with elections when the 50% turnout in the last mid-term was considered huge. We need to be more obsessed with elections if we have any chance of saving democracy.

But I know that you’re a lot more sanguine than I am about the future of democracy.

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Nov 7, 2022·edited Nov 7, 2022

Actually, Jim Quinn, who served in the Queens DA’s Office for 42 years., had an excellent article in the Post recently about Hochul and crime.


Well worth a read. The bail reform movement has been a disaster, and she will rightly own it for as long as she refuses to at least repudiate it, even if she can't get the legislation through the legislature. She is the governor and head of the party. Of course the optics matter. If I wasn't strongly in favor of congestion pricing I would vote for Zeldin, and I've never voted for a Republican in 30 years of voting.

And as for Bragg, I seriously doubt "an honest examination of his record is made, will be shown to be largely mainstream." He should be cashiered on the basis of the Jose Alba fiasco alone. Unfortunately I doubt we'll get much honest examination of his record now that the inmates run the asylum at the NY Times on the topic of crime.

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"a chic event space on the Gowanus Canal" -- Doesn't that say it all about how New York City has changed ...

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Meanwhile it's a sweltering 78F in Brooklyn on November 7. Elect Republicans who deny we have a Climate Emergency in addition to denying our Democracy.

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I attended the rally in Brooklyn, on my own. Not in a union.

However it was hot and uncomfortable standing for so long so we didn't wait to hear the Governor or former President Clinton unfortunately.

Senator Schumer said " When Democrats Vote, Democrats Win!" I hope we'll have the numbers!

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