In the days before the principle of "one person, one vote" was applied to state legislatures (Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964)), was gerrymandering of New York state legislative districts as severe as it has been since? AFAICT, the 1981-1982 redistricting cycle was the first in the past eighty years when the Democrats controlled one house of the legislature and therefore had some clout in the process.

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Never say never, especially in politics. A "fear campaign" by Republicans has been successful in the past, "Those [expletive deleted] people of color are out to sodomize your wife and daughter" type of campaign versus Trump is dismantling democracy: a June primary could result in more progressive (aka, DSA) candidates knocking out moderate incumbants and being washed away by a Red Wave in November.

The Democratic Conference (the member only caucus that precedes most Albany sessions) must be interesting, progressives defending the current bail law and moderates wanting a rollback of some provisions.

Hochul has Jumaane to the left off her and Suozzi to the right with Zeldin hovering in November. The only guaranteed winners are the political consultants.

No Ranked Choice Voting, most votes wins .... no vote transfers There is an outside chance that the primary could be pushed to September if court challenges delay the congressional district lines approval.

Zeldin kissing the ring of Trump may chase away some Republcan voters, or mobilize .... on the Demcratic side getting losing candidates to line up behind the winner is akin to herding cats.

Yes, the Dems drew the lines, who will benefit?

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Golden's son went to Stuyvesant.

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