Very easy to imagine you writing the complete opposite column, criticizing someone like Myrie or Brisport for the stupid move of running against Benjamin and angering Hocul for a position with no power and little historical evidence of moving up. Almost a given you'd write that if you hadn't posited this.

Absolutely true though that Jumaane might be better off running for lieutenant governor again.

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Why would a democratic legislator in an overwhelmingly democratice legislature give up their seat to serve in an "invisible" position? And, the Democratic Nomination Convention is in February, you need 25% of the votes to get on the ballot and avoid the expensive and onerous petition gathering process. Why would the progressive wing challenge Hochel/Benjamin?

Suozzi is in a vulnerable seat, if he backs out of the gubernatorial race he may get more favorable district lines ....

Teachout will run for AG, she'll get the 25% from the progressives ...

Jummane has no money, ... and a thrashing might be politically fatal .... being the thorn in Adams flank might be a better strategy ...

Zeldin fades as a candidate against Hochel, does he want give up his congresional seat?

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Maybe Zephyr Teachout should do a lateral move over to the LG race now that the AG seat isn't open anymore.

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From your pen to Jumane’s ear

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