Talk about disingenuous. Leftists insist any solution that disproportionately polices black and brown New Yorkers is off the table. But never acknowledge that they commit nearly all of the gun crime in the city. Addressing the latter is impossible without the former.

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I know of someone who volunteered on Eliza Orlins’ DA campaign because they were traumatized by police. This person had no arrest/criminal history and had a disability. When this person wanted their concerns about abusive police behavior heard, they got radio silence. If this is how progressives treat their own volunteers, how can we trust that these reformers are pushing reform in good faith. The more I see them, the more I’m convinced they’re interested in stoking outrage and chaos for their own personal gain and for the gain of certain politically connected interests.

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(With a smile) .... your commenters underline what you were trying to say ....

Violence is an integral part of our history, the "Gangs of New York," is a film, and, accurately portrays pre Civil War NYC. the Draft Riots, the Jesse James Gang, the gangs of Prohibition America, the Mafia, I could go on and on, we are a violent nation. If I asked in a poll of older Whites, do you believe Blacks are inherently violent the answer would be an overwhelming "yes."

We can ask, and not be able to answer, were the over fifty White males who want to lock up the "criminal" Black males forever as harsh in the 20s and 30s?

There were over 2,000 homicides in 1990. how abut in the earlier decades? How about during the Depression years?

The major difference is the number of guns in circulation, an incredible increase, plus the relaxation in gun laws, and technology, you can buy a "ghost gun," unregistered online and assemble. With the overturning of the NYS laws by SCOTUS legal guns will be on the NYC streets.

A deeper dive: who are the perpetrators and who are the victims?

* innocent bystanders: with the easy availability of guns "dispute resolution" involves guns

* gang violence: gangs in NYC have a long history, by ethnicity, by neighborhood, today smaller, younger, more violent, "turf" instead of drugs: speak w/ the Youth Officer in a precinct.

* the, for lack of a better term, "mentally impaired."

A reasonable police presence is widely supported, very few officers are involved in crime prevention, crime investigation is crucial, and, the police do a good job.

Is homicide and other violence crime reduction a policing problem, an economic problem or sociological problem?

Probably all.

My first step: identify junior and high school age kids with poor or non school attendance by neighborhood, and precinct level gang data bases and begin to meet with the kids regularly: involve the potential perps and victims in crafting "solutions."

Moving kids from one gang to another closely knit team, maybe basketball instead of violent street gangs, with housing and a jobs .....

Liberal nonsense, the answer: more prisons with higher walls, of course by 2040 we will be a "majority minority" nation ......

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Strongly agree. Perhaps the most egregious area.

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Really thoughtful and measured post. I appreciate the very thorough take.

One very interesting point to ponder:

“But sympathy must be extended to this activist left because their opponents—and allies in traditional broadcast media and radio—are deeply disingenuous.”

While mostly true - my reaction is that we should not be very sympathetic toward the “less disingenuous”. Accuracy and fairness in these debates is extremely important. Those who want real policy change should take evidence-based positions and strive to see societal challenges as they truly are.

Sometimes advocacy and persuasion needs to use shorthand - but the truth matters!

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