I think a reason for this is the lying and corruption and control freaks who glommed on to Covid and used it to push around regular people.

- School closures were an obvious mistake, right from the start, as children were at no risk for dying from Covid. The CDC numbers always bore this out, but school closures were done in the black neighborhood schools anyway (like the one where I work), while the predominantly white private schools opened much earlier, or never closed at all. 1.1 million schoolchildren in Sweden were never locked down. Their numbers are better than most countries. Oddly, the American Corporate Media quickly dropped any coverage of Sweden after they predicted Swedish Armageddon.

- Jay Bhattacharya and Scott Atlas, Sunetra Gupta and Martin Kulldorf - all eminent virologists / epidemiologists from top schools, were censored and vilified by people I will charitably call clowns in the Corporate Media, as well as liberal arts majors running social media. They didn't fit the narrative, and their Stanford, Ivy, and Oxford pedigrees, as well as their calm, reasoned, science based demeanors were overly thoughtful and propaganda proof.

- Dr Aseem Malhotra has blown the whistle on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in Britain. Because his data and credentials are impeccable, he's nowhere to be found on Social or Corporate media. Pfizer has gained an impressive stock boost, and the tens of billions they've earned have added a few people to the current list of billionaires. Corporate Capitalism has never cared for , or worried about the health of the little guy, and it didn't begin to do these things in 2020 either.

I'm just typing off the top of my head, but no, it isn't to be lamented at all. I think the further and faster the Covid!! shenanigans fade into the past, the better. I've never seen such a large scale Asch Conformity experiment in my entire life. And before I get the usual suspects shouting about the death count, depending upon your source (and age of the victim), only 10 - 20% of the numbers died of Covid. The rest were deaths of something else and the patient tested positive. They were a death "with Covid", as we can also see in the CDC numbers.

"Trust the science". Once you see the inherent flaw and foolishness in that statement you can't unsee it.

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I largely agree with the overall conclusion. But, I think the subset of people who disagree and would strenuously object to it is not that small of a number. This somewhat sizable disaffected group of people will remain and be more relevant than this post suggests.

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