This makes no mention of the fact that the FBI intentionally suppressed and discredited a story that would be damaging to Biden right before the election. They knew it was in fact true and not "hacked" or "Russian disinfo" because they'd had those very same materials in their possession for a year. They knew the story was about to break when it did because, among other reasons, they'd been monitoring Guliani's phone calls. That is a level of election interference by a state security agency that dwarfs the complaints about Comey in 2016.

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Still waiting for a credible argument detailing why this Twitter files stuff matters. Some points and stuff for framing and context:

The Post laptop story played out in really time -- essentially promoting the story.

Twitter’s block on the story lasted approximately one day.

The FBI, the DNC, Biden (then a private citizen), Trump (then POTUS), et al, don’t have final say on Twitter allows; they suggest, Twitter then has final say.

Anyone who thinks free speech requires a platform being provided to someone promoting an insurrection or government overthrow is, to put too kindly, profoundly wrong. Or worse.

Twitter, from Day 1, has suffered from inept management from the top down. It was never well managed -- which is the single significant thing documented in the Twitter files. Of course, the Twitter files wasn’t needed for that. Twitter’s historic failings have been known for years, again pretty much from the start.

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Very good reading! My thanks to the author for their willingness to share. Have a blessed and safe holiday season!

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