Ranked choice voting consistently elected the furthest right democrat for Mayor of Minneapolis and sunk a socialist city councilor. The problem is that normie democrats that don't really have a strong preference between which Democrat wins have just as much pull as people who have very strong opinions. STAR voting is a MUCH better system, it encourages honest voting (RCV does not, it is only safe to vote your top choice first if they are very strong or very weak). If you would be just as happy between two candidates you can express that.

About Star: https://www.starvoting.us/star

Why it's better than RCV: http://www.equal.vote/star-vs-irv

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So far it's a sorry list of candidates, but Eric Adams must be the worst of the lot. I'll vote for the most right-wing of Republicans over this jerk.

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Trump continues to insist that he lost the election because dead people voted. Some from those who died 10-15 years ago. If they made this effort their votes should stand. DEAD LIVES MATTER.

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It’s interesting that you would highlight Sen Jesse Hamilton’s political decision to deliver resources to his constituency by “working across the isles” during a time when leading Democrats had legal challenges. Your reference would be more credible by reporting on what he was able to deliver or not deliver to his District. As a Black registered life long Democrat that does not live in his District I appreciated his vision, boldness and intellectual capacity to excusably resist offering blind loyalty to a party that has proven to have lost it way. One thing that this presidential election proved: 1. The Black vote rescued the Democratic party once again.

2. Will the Democratic Party prioritized the delivery resources to the Black community on the state and national level?

3. Will the Republican Party do it and continue to peel off black votes?

4. Ice Cube was right by presenting Black folks agenda to both parties. Jesse was ahead of the political Black reality.

Black Voices gif Black Lives!

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You didn't even mention he's a vegan, please don't erase us black non-meat eaters! If it were 2017, I'd feel much better about Adams' chances but in 2021 the winds of the last few cycles don't point towards him. I'll say a couple outer borough special elections could offer some insight, cause if the progressive candidates can win out there, that'd spell a fairly hard path for any of the moderates running citywide.

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